The Laboratory of Ethnobotany and Ethnopharmacology (LEE) is focused on study of chemistry and bioactivity of underutilized (neglected) crops of tropical or subtropical origin. Species used by native peoples in traditional folk medicinal systems are plants of special interest. The primary research activities include inventory studies, determination of pharmacological properties, analysis of chemical (or nutritional) composition and identification of biologically active substances. Studies on the determination of synergistic effects and the relationship between the structure of individual substances and their biological activities are also part of the research focus. The main target products of the research and development activities of the laboratory are pharmaceuticals (anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents), food supplements and functional foods (antioxidants and immune-enhancing substances), food additives, veterinary medicines and feed additives (including substituents of antibiotic growth promoters) based on plant standardized extracts, content substances and their derivatives.
Current topics:

1. plant-derived volatile antimicrobial agents and their applications in vapor phase

2. plant-derived agents selectively affecting pathogenic and beneficial gut conditions

3. antioxidants, minerals and vitamins rich plant foods

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